Friday, August 19, 2011

stop questioning and start answering~

i don't know why,
bt these days,
i've been thinking abt,
these list of q's...

1.Why can't everybody just accept each other?durh~

2.Why do guys have to cheat on their gf?

3.Why do guys have to act as if they're so romantic???
   they're nt act...

4.Why do people are being jealous to other?and how did they know
    whether they're jealous to ths particular people?

5.Why do many people really like it,when it comes to Aidilfitri?
   (shouldn't they be sad since ramadan is leaving?me too wondering
     whether i still get to fast or nt in nxt ramadan...huh~)

someone pliz tell me the answer!thanks..act,got some more
bt can't remember it la..hehe!

da~sekian terima kasih. ;)

p/s: many people start to use ths line(my dear™).i was the one who
       use it here(in ths school) first...
       i use it to acknowledge some of the people here la..

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