Saturday, August 6, 2011

first time fasting~

i know tht the title is a bit weird..
what i'm trying to say is,
ths is my first time fasting at ths house.
senang citer,first time kat melaka la...

since i only moved here on the first day 
of 2011..
so,it's logic la kan if i never
get to fast here..

i departed frm kpz at 5 + pm..
so,i reached home a few mins
b4 breaking fast time..

i just want to say tht,
i've got to eat my fav tomyam..
made by my dad..
who are having fever..

and after tht,
i looked into the fridge and saw,
tupperwares of durians..

"banyak nya..sape nak makan ni??"

then,my grandma said..
"siapa lagi yg hantu durian dalam rumah ni.."

and i smiled helplessly..
knowing tht the 'hantu' is me..hehe!!

ok,that's it la..
urm btw,the next post will be
'the thing tht i did last weekend'

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