Saturday, August 27, 2011

is it tht hard??

i've been wondering and thinking..
is it so hard fr someone 
to have the courage to confess 
his own feelings??

isn't it hurt to see his crush
with another guy who like her too
at the same time??

i'm curious..
what would it be if i'm in tht situation
being jealous
and at the same time can't do anything
coz she's nt mine...

i think tht only the one with the courage
will stand up fr his feelings
and utter the words like,

'i like u'
'je t'aime'

and u name it la..
those figurative words
and meaningful lines
tht make someone heart's
beat faster and happier...

what does it feel to be in tht situation..
huh~never felt tht...
i'm a guy with less emotion..
sometimes,i prefer to be called as an emo..

someone confessed his feelings
to my friend..can't believe tht!!
i mean,at last..
it took him a long time to do tht..
good job,dear!! ;)
that's it la..

ok then!!da~
sekian,terima kasih... ;)

p/s:yeah,just call me lumpy or arrogant
or langsi or wtv...
i would not take it seriously..

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